Volkswagen BEE Trust Passionate about supporting black-owned automotive suppliers in South Africa! Applications are open to existing Volkswagen and non-Volkswagen suppliers.


Our Investment Focus

Volkswagen of South Africa decided in 2016 to provide R86m initial funding for the development of black owned suppliers in the Automotive Sector in South Africa. The fund has already invested almost a quarter of its investable funds in majority black owned businesses. The fund, although in its infancy, is the largest privately funded transformation fund in the Automotive Sector in South Africa. Our main goals are to support the creation of black industrialists in the Automotive Sector through funding, support and access.


Apply for Funding To qualify for funding, an applicant must:

• Have >51% black ownership prior or as a consequence of the proposed funding
• Be a supplier to the automotive sector in South Africa, ideally in the Eastern Cape
• Have post revenue operations, or a track record of post-revenue operations if the application is for a new business division

Preference will be given to component manufacturers, although any automotive sector suppliers can apply for funding.

Need help with your application? FAQs and requirements for funding applications

In order to be a successful applicant, there is key information required to assist the Trust in evaluating and approving the application.

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Investments to Date

Acoustex Trim (AT) is a black-owned Level 2, tier 1 automotive OEM supplier based in Uitenhage in South Africa. AT is a subsidiary of the greater Acoustex Group (owned by Ukuvula Investment Holdings). AT has been providing VW with automotive components since 2007, supplying VW’s current 240/241 & 250 models with felt and plastic components. The company has been awarded new business for the existing 250 contract as well as the new 270 model business, based on consistently supplying high quality components for the past 8 years. AT required funding to cover upfront capital expenditure and some operational cash-flows due to the increase of its supply to Volkswagen.

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