Fund Mandate

The Trust is mandated to fund a variety of businesses with diverse funding needs, investment horizons, business stages, geographies and purposes for which the funding is required

Investment Process

A successful investment will require 10 – 15 weeks from application to closure. An applicant will start with the general application process, move through screening, then enter a thorough due diligence process and end with the legal and guarantee closing process. The timing is heavily dependent on the availability of the senior team to participate in the due diligence process.

Post Investment Process

After release of funding, the Trust through its Fund Manager work with the Investee to ensure strong governance processes are in place. In addition, the Fund Manager will track achievement against milestones, report of financial and other results, and also measure a variety of compliance requirements.

10XE Program

The Trust, through its Fund Manager, offers a sophisticated post-investment support and development program called 10XE. The program comprises classroom sessions by experts on global best-practice business development, coupled with mentoring from successful Entrepreneurs in a related industry. The program also offers best-practice toolkits Investees can introduce to their businesses.

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